We tailor solutions to extract optimal value

Australian Indexed Equities
A leader in after-tax investing, we were one of the first managers to create pooled funds specific to different tax-rate investors. Our flagship Indexed Australian Equities capability implements trading and enhancement strategies, to exploit market inefficiencies as they arise to add value on an after-tax basis.

Global Indexed Equities
Our goal is to closely track the performance of the MSCI World Index while also minimising turnover related costs. The result of considerable research, our strategy achieves this by blending pragmatic market based rules (such as limiting region and sector active weights), with powerful optimisation techniques.

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Active Equities
Active Equities comprises a range of equity strategies managed by a respected, sizeable and experienced team of investment professionals based in Sydney and Hong Kong. The team has more than 20 years’ investment management experience in Australia, and more than ten years’ experience in Asia. The team applies core skills in quantitative, fundamental investing.

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Australian Small Caps

Our Small Caps investment process applies focused and rigorous fundamental research to identify mispriced stocks, tracking against the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index. This research effort is supported by consistent and systematic portfolio construction techniques to extract excess returns while maintaining low relative portfolio risk.

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Better Beta
Global Better Beta
The IFM Investors Global Better Beta Strategy aims to maximise the realised earnings of the portfolio over the medium to long term.  We invest in companies that have strong, stable earnings. We favour companies whose share price provides cheaper exposure to those earnings.

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Key skills


Our unique blend of market experience and research capability, enables us to create solutions based on the best knowledge of experienced practitioners as well as the latest research. All research is carried out by portfolio managers, leading to robust solutions which work in the real world.

Meeting your needs

We work with our clients and respond to their changing needs to create tailored solutions. We leverage our experience and utilise our expertise of efficient trading and value-adding strategies.

Proximity & accessibility

The IFM Investors equities team is based in Australia. We offer superior client service and unique access to the team through our partnership approach.

Responsible investment in listed equities

IFM Investors has been entrusted with investors’ funds and we have a fiduciary responsibility to make responsible, long-term investment decisions. For these reasons, we are committed to incorporating responsible environment, social and governance (ESG) investment factors into investment decision making.

We aim to promote ESG practices that meet or exceed current market best practice and actively engage with business on particular issues. For actively managed funds and mandates, we use ESG data from Regnan for consideration in investment decisions. The active portfolio aims to have an ESG score higher than the benchmark.