Jun 24 2016

ISGM Welcomes New Cornerstone Investor – IFM Investors

ISG Management Pty Ltd (ISGM), Australia’s largest specialist contractor management company, today welcomes a significant new cornerstone investor,  global fund manager IFM Investors, as a 50% shareholder.  ISGM also acknowledges the support provided by outgoing investor group, Ironbridge.  

ISGM was founded six years ago with a view that there was an alternative way to engage large subcontractor workforces that would significantly improve customer experiences at the same time as providing material efficiency gains for clients.  Since its formation, the group has grown to an annual turnover of over $500 million, partnering with over 4,000 small businesses to deliver technical services in the telecommunications, media and utilities sectors.

With Ironbridge’s private equity fund nearing its expiry date and expansion firmly on the horizon for ISGM, it is timely to welcome IFM Investors as a new cornerstone investor. IFM Investors is owned by 29 industry superannuation funds and makes long-term investments on behalf of over 5 million working Australians.

“ISGM presented itself as a highly attractive investment opportunity. We are passionate about working in partnership with organisations that have a demonstrated track record in developing innovative models and are poised for significant expansion,” commented Steven Lipchin, IFM Investors’ Head of Private Capital.

“Over the past six years ISGM has showcased its ability to work with blue chip clients to engage a diversified subcontractor workforce that delivers exceptional customer experiences.  With its experienced management team and nimble strategy, systems and operational capabilities, we believe that ISGM has an exciting future across a number of new industry sectors and we are looking forward to supporting the firm’s growth.”

Adrian Field, co-founder of ISGM stated that “as we embark on the next phase of our growth journey, ISGM’s Board and Executive Management Team welcome IFM Investors and we look forward to working closely together in continuing to realise our vision of delivering exceptional customer experiences on behalf of our clients.”

The terms of this transaction remain confidential.