Jun 16 2016

IFM Investors awarded $500 million mandate from HESTA for Global Indexed Equities

IFM Investors has announced its first mandate for their recently launched Global Indexed Equity strategy, with $500 million received in-specie from HESTA.

The Global Indexed Equity strategy is the result of extensive collaboration between IFM Investors and its Australian clients, and Chief Executive Brett Himbury said the new mandate with HESTA is a significant milestone for IFM Investors.

“In a competitive landscape, the launch of a robust, cost-effective Global Indexed Equity strategy demonstrates our clients’ willingness to engage with IFM Investors in product development” said Himbury.

HESTA’s Chief Investment Officer, Rob Fowler, stated “Australian superannuation funds increasingly require access to bespoke global equity capabilities, and HESTA is pleased to entrust this mandate to IFM Investors. We believe IFM Investors’ long-term focus will continue to benefit our members.”

“IFM Investors worked closely with HESTA to deliver the best outcome for their needs and we will continue to work in partnership with all of our investors” commented Himbury.