Our journey

In 2017, IFM Investors undertook its first carbon footprint assessment, drawing together existing data and information available across all assets in the IFM Investors Australian Infrastructure portfolio (AI) and the IFM Investors Global Infrastructure portfolio (GI). We compiled and published this information for investors in a report titled, Climate Change: Our Shared Responsibility (2017).

Our Performance

IFM Investors Insights Infrastructure Carbon Footprint Report

The IFM Investors Carbon Footprint Report 2018 provides an update on the emissions footprint of our infrastructure portfolio. Carbon footprint measurement and reporting represents one phase of our long-term strategy, allowing us to gauge emissions associated with our infrastructure assets and develop improvement and transition pathways. We believe this measurement, combined with additional asset level risk assessment and analysis, will inform our ongoing asset management strategy and help to determine pathways for reducing the emissions of the portfolio.

It is important to recognise the contribution and support of our co-shareholders and investors to achieving success; our interests are aligned in the effort to manage climate change risk to support investment returns over the long term.

IFM Investors is also a member of several investor groups and industry bodies that are collaborating to understand and drive action on climate change.