In 2010 IFM Investors first embarked on the task of creating a suite of analytical tools that could guide the decision-making process of constructing a balanced core infrastructure portfolio.

The result was InFRAMETM, a proprietary risk management system that enables IFM Investors to analyse the underlying revenue streams that drive the performance of infrastructure assets. Launched in mid-2011, InFRAME synthesises risk profiling, scenario modelling and portfolio optimisation to help identify and achieve a target strategic asset allocation for the infrastructure asset class.

We believe the long-term investment horizon and open-ended structure of our existing infrastructure strategies are well suited to InFRAME’s design and, to this day, InFRAME continues to provide investment insight and differentiates our approach from others in the marketplace.

Michael Landman, Executive Director

Almost a decade on, our investment philosophy and framework have remained fundamentally sound, while continuing to evolve incrementally, including through our experiences from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. We expect that InFRAME will continue to be an important contributor to the long-term success of IFM Investors’ infrastructure strategy.