IFM Investors has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across its asset classes targeting net zero by 2050.

Our commitment aligns with the goals of the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature rises and is an extension of action already being taken across out infrastructure assets to reduce emissions through investment in renewable energy and other carbon reduction initiatives.

It will see IFM reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 at assets it controls, with IFM to work to secure net zero commitments from listed companies and other equity participants in assets that it holds a minority interest in.

IFM Investors has setup a multi-disciplinary taskforce to support the commitment, spearheaded by its investment team. The taskforce will consider:

  • Establishing emission reduction commitments
  • Developing policies for net-zero transition plans
  • Enhancing investment decision-making and governance frameworks when considering climate change risks
  • Identifying investment opportunities in decarbonisation and climate-resilient assets
  • The evolution of technologies and better understanding likely transition pathways, especially in the energy mix

This is a natural step and an important one if IFM Investors is to continue delivering on its purpose to protect and grow the long-term retirement savings of working people.

Read more in the media release