IFM Investors’ chief purpose is to protect and grow the long term retirement savings of millions of superannuation and pension fund members and like-minded investors globally.

Our ability to deliver competitive returns is underpinned by a considered and responsible way of investing.

As long-term investors, we need to consider a range of factors that could put investor returns at risk – many of these relate to environmental, social and governance issues. In this video IFM Investors’ Chair Greg Combet talks about those factors and how we take them into account in the way we select and manage our investments.

The Royal Commission has been really graphic evidence of the importance of proper governance in financial institutions – and if you don’t do it, it’ll wipe billions off your value.

Greg Combet, IFM Investors Chair

He discusses:

  • Why ESG risks matter to the Board of IFM Investors
  • How the Board’s concerns reflect those of the community
  • The real investment risks associated with climate change and other ESG issues
  • How we deal with ESG risks in our infrastructure portfolio
  • Balancing decarbonisation with jobs and the economy