Render Networks

About Render Networks:

  • Render Networks is a construction technology and enterprise ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) company that operates in the global telecommunications infrastructure market. 
  • The company’s proprietary geospatial construction management platform utilises automation and mathematical dependency algorithms to design, plan and track the construction of distributed networks.
  • Render’s digital end-to-end solution aims to deliver significant efficiencies and cost savings through automated streamlining of the construction process by replacing a number of traditionally manually driven tasks and processes.

IFM Investors and Render Networks:

  • IFM Investors acquired a majority stake in Render Networks and is actively supporting the company in its next phase of growth.
  • IFM is leveraging its existing networks to assist management in enhancing the platform, improving the customer value proposition and building out systems and processes to enable the business to grow.
  • The company is well positioned to benefit from accelerating demand for data and digitisation of construction processes.