Anita Costa

Investment Director, Small Caps, Listed Equities


About Anita

Anita Costa looks beyond financials when considering investment opportunities. As part of the IFM Listed Equities – Small Caps team, she identifies up-and-coming young companies with growth potential and long-term value. “We have a unique opportunity to fund their growth and help companies turn their ideas into reality,” she explains.

Anita is passionate about working with smaller companies. “I enjoy meeting management teams and business founders to understand how their company fits into the world and where they want to take the business.”

Before investing, Anita’s focus is on the people in these companies. “I want to understand what motivates them personally and financially. Where have they come from? What are their aspirations? Understanding people and the rationale behind decision-making can be a strong indicator of a company’s future performance,” she says.

As a responsible investor, IFM also considers the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions to have a significant impact on a company's long-term performance.

Anita explains, “Governance – the G in ESG - is a big focus. As investors, we can advance these smaller companies in areas such as structure and oversight, code and values, transparency and reporting, and cyber risk and systems.”

A love of mathematics was the foundation for Anita’s career in financial markets, which eventually led her to a part-time position at an investment bank during her university years. She was hooked on the pace, the company deals, and the mechanics of each transaction. Over the years, she's gained experience in both sell side and buy side firms.

“I’ve always loved the markets. And as an investor, you get to put your money where your mouth is,” says Anita.

While Anita's professional life revolves around financial markets, she also finds balance through fitness and art. She enjoys walking, running, and spin classes, as well as creating clay sculptures and pottery. For her, it's all about finding a balance between her analytical mind and her creative side.