Erin Parker

Director, Corporate Finance


About Erin

After spending the first six years of her career working in accounting firms, providing tax, financial reporting and planning services to clients across a range of industries, Erin Parker joined IFM to contribute meaningfully and make a real difference.

“I’ve grown professionally as IFM has grown in size and scale and I’ve been given the opportunity to financially control the IFM global corporate group. Our continual expansion has enabled me to focus on complex areas of Finance such as foreign exchange, hedging, international tax, transfer pricing, global consolidations, complex regulations and financial reporting standards across the world.

“Over the last two years, I’ve also been given the opportunity to study my Executive MBA at Melbourne Business School (MBS) which I’ve recently completed with first class honours. Through this program I’ve learnt alongside other executives from many different industries, and have gained extensive knowledge from their experience in addition to the formal subjects,” says Erin.

Joining IFM in 2008 to support the workload and complexity that was being generated during a period of immense global growth, Erin was promoted into a larger role and with an expanded team to oversee financial responsibility for IFM’s parent company Industry Super Holdings and the growing number of IFM foreign subsidiaries.

Now as the Director Corporate Finance, Erin works across the entire business, focussing on controls, processes and system automations that support IFM’s further growth aspirations.

IFM stands for working people. We invest on their behalf to generate strong returns so people can retire with dignity, and those investments we make are nation building assets to make their lives more liveable.

Erin Parker

“I am especially proud of IFM for announcing their 2030 interim emissions reduction targets. It’s an important step to take and set’s an example for the rest of the industry,” says Erin.

Erin’s work in processes, controls and accuracy underpins our commitment to building trusted and professional relationships and our reputation with key stakeholders, which ultimately helps to protect and grow the long-term retirement savings of working people globally.

Outside of work Erin has a love of the arts and theatre, in fact she used to be a stage manager in a prior career. Now that COVID restrictions have eased, in her city, she’s looking forward to enjoying shows again with her daughters.

“I also love the outdoors and spending lots of time going on hikes with friends, it’s a great way to catch up, while also getting some fresh air and sunshine. Being outside in nature away from suburbia and the city is my happy place,” she outlined.