Gian-Carlo Peressutti

Director, Public Affairs, Policy & Strategy


About Gian-Carlo

Gian-Carlo Peressutti has spent his career working at the intersection of business and public policy at a number global corporations and including a stint at the White House. He joined IFM in September 2020, attracted by the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to ESG topics such as stewardship, diversity, corporate resilience and decarbonization.

“I believe that we all have a civic duty and responsibility to bring about the change we want to see in whatever capacity we can contribute,” says Gian-Carlo, who was part of the team that influenced the signing of the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA, aka the “bipartisan infrastructure bill”) into law.

Gian-Carlo explains, “The IIJA is a historic piece of legislation affecting America’s core transportation and energy network and, of specific relevance to our work at IFM, it contains several provisions that will encourage private investment in US public infrastructure.”

“Our team at IFM engaged with key stakeholders and advocated for Public Private Partnerships provisions throughout the Congressional deliberations that resulted in the bill’s enactment into law. It is significant that the federal government has recognized the potential value that private and pension capital can bring to addressing America’s pressing infrastructure needs.”

IFM believes that long-term pension capital is ideally placed to partner with governments in investing in new and transformational infrastructure projects, helping create jobs and drive economic growth. This long-term approach to investing underscores our purpose to protect and grow the long-term retirement savings of working people.

Gian-Carlo says, "IFM is a place where profits and purpose are not at odds, and where our mission allows us to do well by doing good. The work we’re doing can help bring about positive change both in the communities where we operate and in the broader world as well.

“The leadership role we have staked out on climate matters and the resources we have committed to achieving our net-zero goals is also a particular point of pride for me,” says Gian-Carlo of IFM’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our asset classes, targeting net zero by 2050.

Since joining IFM, Gian-Carlo has deepened his knowledge of the asset management business. “Although I was quite involved with financial services policy issues while serving in government, I had never worked in the industry before.” He elaborates, “It’s so rewarding to have the opportunity to get practical experience while working.”

After his family, sports and rock ‘n roll are Gian-Carlo’s two passions. “Soccer and skiing are activities I’ve cherished my entire life although they’ve now been eclipsed by lacrosse and field hockey - the chosen team sports of my two daughters. Watching them play and excel is my favourite thing in life. But rock music (the heavier the better) is a really close second. Now that live music has returned to us post-COVID, I’ve been making up for lost time on the concert circuit!”.