GreenGas is a US-based vertically integrated developer, owner and operator of renewable natural gas (“RNG”) projects, headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina.

GreenGas has a track record in originating, developing and operating RNG projects.
Sector Energy
Asset type Renewable Natural Gas
Major asset locations United States
Initial IFM Investment 2023年2月
Head office location Charleston, South Carolina
Ownership stake* 88.8%

*As at 30 Jun 2024

Asset priorities

GreenGas utilizes mature technologies to capture, purify and transport biogas from existing organic waste streams, which is then sold as pipeline-quality RNG. GreenGas sells RNG (and associated environmental attributes) to investment-grade commercial & industrial (“C&I”) customers under long-term contracts.

GreenGas helps farmers, food processors, municipal and industrial sources reduce emissions from organic waste streams, whilst generating economic value for essential local industries. GreenGas also helps customers – often in hard-to-abate sectors – decarbonize energy intensive operations with renewable energy (in the form of RNG) and high-quality carbon offsets (in the form of the associated environmental attributes).