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Result of Offer for Vienna Airport shares

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Airports Group Europe S. à r. l. ("Airports Group Europe" or "Bidder"), an indirect subsidiary of IFM Global Infrastructure Fund ("IFM GIF") published a voluntary partial offer to the shareholders of Flughafen Wien Aktiengesellschaft pursuant to sections 4 et seq of the Austrian Takeover Act for the purchase up to 8,399,990 ordinary bearer shares in Flughafen Wien Aktiengesellschaft, admitted to trading in the "Prime Market" segment of the official market (amtlicher Handel) of the Vienna Stock Exchange under ISIN AT00000VIE62 on 11 August 2022 ("Offer").

The Bidder hereby informs that, as at the end of the Acceptance Period (6 October 2022), 1,498,803 shares have been tendered to the receiving and payment agent; this corresponds to approximately 1.78% of the share capital of Flughafen Wien Aktiengesellschaft and – in consideration of the 125,319 treasury shares (annual financial report for the financial year 2021) – approximately 1.79% of the total voting rights in Flughafen Wien Aktiengesellschaft. Subject to the fulfilment of the conditions precedent (which concern the approval procedures under applicable Austrian and Maltese investment control laws) and so when the Offer is unconditionally binding, the Bidder will, upon completion of the settlement, hold at least 35,098,812 shares in Flughafen Wien Aktiengesellschaft in total; this corresponds to approximately 41.78% of the share capital of Flughafen Wien Aktiengesellschaft.

In accordance with the amendment to the Offer, published on 27 September 2022, shareholders will have a further 10 trading day period after the conditions precedent have been satisfied and so when the Offer is unconditionally binding, during which they can tender their shares into the Offer on contractual basis. The prospective shareholding of the Bidder in Flughafen Wien Aktiengesellschaft of approximately 41.78% would thus increase by the amount of shares tendered into the Offer during the Extended Acceptance Period (as defined in the amendment of the Offer).

Subject to the Offer having become unconditionally binding, the offer price of EUR 34.00 per offer share cum dividend will be paid by the Bidder to shareholders, who have accepted the Offer during the Acceptance Period and the Extended Acceptance Period, within 10 trading days after the end of the Extended Acceptance Period.

Upon fulfilment (or non-fulfilment) of any condition precedent, the Bidder will publish a corresponding announcement without undue delay.

The Acceptance Period is not extended by the 3 month sell-out period pursuant to section 19 (3) ÜbG.

A dedicated website ( has been set up for the Offer, where shareholders can find the offer document, the amended offer document and other information about the Offer, Airports Group Europe, IFM GIF and IFM Investors. The offer document and its amendment can also be found on the Flughafen Wien AG website ( and the Takeover Commission website (



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About Airports Group Europe

Airports Group Europe is a limited liability company registered in Luxembourg under B 167449.



IFM Global Infrastructure Fund ("IFM GIF") is an independently managed open-ended global infrastructure investment fund.

IFM GIF’s investors include a diverse range of pension funds and institutional investors across the UK, Europe, Australia, the US, Canada and Asia. IFM GIF has a 17-year track record investing in assets around the world with 20 current portfolio investments spanning airports, seaports and toll roads, as well as energy, water and telecommunication assets (as at 30 June 2022).

IFM GIF’s airport experience includes investments in Flughafen Wien Group (Vienna, Malta and Košice airports), Manchester Airports Group (Manchester, London Stansted and East Midlands airports) and Sydney Airport. IFM GIF has been as a major shareholder of Vienna International Airport for the past 8 years.

IFM GIF is advised by IFM Investors Pty Limited ("IFM Investors").


About IFM Investors

IFM Investors was established more than 25 years ago by not-for-profit Australian pension funds, in partnership with the Australian trade union movement, with the aim of protecting and growing the long-term retirement savings of 120 million working people around the world, including caregivers, teachers, construction workers and hospitality workers.

IFM Investors is one of the largest global infrastructure investment managers with more than €61 billion (as at 30 June 2022) invested across a range of infrastructure assets.

Throughout the past 8 years, we have dependably supported the strategy and the work of the management of Vienna International Airport and have provided advice based on our international expertise.

We have significant experience in working alongside municipalities and public entities as manager or advisor in investments across 17 different airports in Australia, the United Kingdom, Austria, Malta, Slovakia and Latin America.

IFM GIF is an open-ended infrastructure investment fund advised by IFM Investors.

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