Advancing inclusion and diversity in infrastructure

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The body of research evidencing I&D as a powerful driver of business growth and performance continues to grow. I&D has been increasing in prominence as a sustainable investment theme in major public markets globally for over a decade, and private market investors are increasingly following suit.

Constrained labour market conditions in major economies around the world mean businesses are facing an ever-growing challenge of recruiting and retaining staff. Beyond these challenges, global sustainability issues, like income inequality and climate change impacts on communities and workers, present challenges that require innovative solutions.

Infrastructure managers and their portfolio companies are not immune to the business risks that this challenging environment creates. This article explores the potential benefits of a sharper focus on I&D and opportunities for managers to work closely with portfolio company boards and management teams to mature I&D strategies.

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Meet the authors

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Nicole Zhang

Nicole joined IFM as part of the investment team, and provided support to all of the toll road acquisitions in the North American office, including ITR and all of the Aleatica-related transactions.

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Nicholas Rivera

Nick joined IFM in September 2018, and he currently helps lead our portfolio-wide Health & Safety and Inclusion & Diversity programs, and is a member of the Aleatica asset team. Prior to joining IFM, Nick was a management consultant at Accenture, where he built experiences across nuclear utilities, change management, and project management.

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