Bora Han

Investment Director, Private Equity


About Bora

Meet Bora Han, Investment Director in IFM’s Private Equity Team, mother to two-year-old Andrew, avid traveller and developing baker.

Bora joined IFM in November 2018 when Global Head of Private Equity Stuart Wardman-Browne sought her expertise in corporate turnaround consulting and mid-market investment management to dovetail with IFM’s shift in focus to direct investments.

“In Private Equity, we’re directly invested in the businesses we partner with. Our current strategy is focused on investing in mid-market growth companies with proven, resilient business models and a clear, actionable growth agenda. We’ve recently invested in health and business services and often look for companies that are underpinned by technology because they are more scalable.

“I’m part of a close team that has a diverse range of investment, commercial and business experience. We represent IFM on the portfolio company boards and I am a Board member of My Plan Manager. We roll up our sleeves to work with the portfolio executive teams to set a vision and help them achieve goals and grow. For me, that is the fun part and not only satisfying and rewarding for me personally and for IFM, but also for the portfolio companies,” says Bora.

Not too long after joining IFM, Bora took parental leave and returned in 2020 during the lockdown period.

“It was challenging to return to work during lockdown with a little person in tow, but it has worked out really well, and IFM’s flexible working policy has been instrumental in getting the balance right. Having a child has enhanced my outlook and perspective on things,” she said.

I’m passionate about driving Inclusion & Diversity both within IFM and within the Private Equity space. Women are generally under-represented in the PE industry, particularly in senior positions, and I hope to play a role in turning this around.

Bora Han

Bringing a holistic view and focusing on the areas she is passionate about, Bora has expanded her focus beyond her usual role as Investment Director within Private Equity, by working closely with the Responsible Investment team to further improve PE’s approach, Chairing the Inclusion & Diversity APAC forum and becoming a representative in IFM’s Climate Change Strategy project. For Bora and those she works alongside, it’s gratifying to be affecting real and meaningful change for the better.

Outside of work, Bora is an enthusiastic traveller. “Earlier in my career, I worked in London for several years. Given that we all operate in a global context now, international experience and networks are extremely valuable, but it also was such an amazing period for me as travel is one of my passions.

“One of my most memorable trips was to the Christmas markets in Salzburg, Austria. The lights, the sounds of bells and music and the gorgeous smell of all the wonderful food is something I’ll always remember from my visit there. I can’t wait to take my son there, although maybe not this Christmas! I hope he loves it as much as I did,” she said.

During COVID lockdowns in Sydney, Bora has discovered some new ways to spend her personal time. “During lockdown life I’ve taken up baking for the first time. I bought myself a cake mixer and have been practising my new skill! I might surprise my team with some goodies when we return to the office.

“Yoga has also been one of my pastimes over the last 18 months. My neighbour runs one-on-one classes on her back deck overlooking a beautiful view and I’ve been able to participate with her, which has been great both mentally and physically, particularly after all the cake!” she said.