We invest patiently and strategically, with a focus on creating and building long-term value.

Well-managed infrastructure assets can provide long-term institutional investors with benefits, including portfolio diversification, earnings stability, participation in economic growth, protection from inflation and portfolio risk management.*

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* Diversification cannot ensure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market. It is a strategy used to help mitigate risk.


Our Infrastructure knowledge hub

We are a pioneer of infrastructure investing. At IFM Investors, our clients benefit from 30 years of infrastructure experience. Over decades, our investment strategy and processes have been tried and tested. Discover our learnings and latest thinking.

Target sectors

We invest in essential infrastructure assets spanning a diverse range of sectors and asset types. Characteristics that tend to underpin our investments include monopolistic positioning, long concession life, predictable revenues, inflation protection, exposure to economic growth and a stable regulatory environment.

Sector Transportation Utilities Energy Digital Social infrastructure
Asset types Toll roads Gas & Electric Renewables Telecommunications Education
Airports Waste & Wastewater Gas processing Data storage Aged care
Seaports District heating/ cooling Pipelines   Government
Rail   Energy storage   Public transport


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Our investment approach

How we manage our investments in infrastructure has been shaped by decades of experience.

We take a long-term approach and choose assets that typically have strong market positions, a predictable regulatory environment, high barriers to entry, limited demand-elasticity and long lives.

Primarily, we invest in OECD countries, with a focus on North America, UK/Europe and Australia, across a range of sectors. Once acquired, we adopt a hold, manage and reinvest strategy, with opportunistic exits.

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InFRAME – a unique portfolio approach

In 2011 we launched InFRAMETM, a three-phase methodology that analyzes the underlying revenue streams and value drivers of infrastructure assets. 

We believe InFRAME has proven to be invaluable in our due diligence and portfolio management processes, and differentiates IFM Investors in the marketplace. It enables us to:

  1. Generate a deeper, bottom-up understanding of each asset's risk and revenue profile and the influence this has on a wider investment portfolio.

  2. Build quantitative insights into the way infrastructure assets, and the sub-sectors to which they belong, respond to macro-economic drivers and scenarios.

  3. Create greater awareness of strategic allocation within an infrastructure portfolio, based upon the revenue characteristics of the underlying assets.


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As at 31 March 2024