All our investment decisions are guided by three core beliefs:

  • Inclusive SOCIETY

Long-term strength and sustainability of the global economy is only possible if we have a healthy environment.

Inclusive SOCIETY

A strong and inclusive society will lead to greater participation in economic markets and provide greater investment growth opportunities.


Strong governance is critical to long-term sustainable economic growth. All participants have an obligation to behave honestly and ethically.

Our approach to investing responsibly

Our approach to responsible investment is underpinned by the beliefs, pillars and principles outlined in our Responsible Investment Charter. And our ESG Policy governs how we invest.

We integrate ESG factors at all stages of the investment process. ESG data is considered alongside traditional management and financial data to inform our investment decisions and the ongoing management of assets.

Our ESG approach is tailored to each asset class and its strategy.


Integrating ESG into infrastructure investments

ESG considerations are important during the acquisition phase. We evaluate the ESG maturity of a potential investment, considering what will be required for that asset to attain the ESG levels we require of assets in our portfolio. As part of this process, we look for ways to enhance the ESG capabilities of an asset to create value for all stakeholders.

We recognise the assets we own impact the lives of millions of people worldwide. As such, we believe we have a responsibility to improve the assets in a way that can allow consumers, employees, investors and neighbours to benefit from our approach to ESG.  Whether we have a controlling stake or are part of a broader group of owners, in all cases, we seek to provide leadership that delivers on our priority for positive ESG outcomes.

Debt Investments

Integrating ESG into debt investments

We believe well-governed, responsible companies are less likely to face unanticipated risks and, therefore, pose a lower risk of default. As such, we integrate ESG analysis across all our credit assessments. We conduct a careful analysis of each debt investment, incorporating information from external credit and ratings agencies.

Although we recognise the relatively limited scope debt investors have to influence company management, we maintain a level of engagement with debt issuers post-investment, as part of our ongoing risk management process.

Listed Equities

Integrating ESG into listed equity investments

We believe ESG factors can impact share price volatility and longer term performance. We integrate ESG analysis with fundamental company analysis to ensure material ESG risks and opportunities are identified in the investment selection and monitoring stages. In addition to drawing on external ESG research and MSCI ratings, we engage directly with companies and proxy advisers on ESG issues.

We take an engagement approach with respect to ESG considerations in all our equity strategies, and we maintain flexibility when it comes to incorporating specific ESG screens for clients.

Across all our equity investments we actively seek to enhance the ESG performance of investee companies through direct engagement and by exercising our voting rights.

Private Equity

Integrating ESG into private equity investments

Our private equity investment team integrates ESG factors throughout the investment process. High level ESG-related risks and exposures are identified during an initial screening of opportunities. Opportunities that proceed past the initial screening stage are subject to a detailed ESG analysis during due diligence on ESG risks and factors.

Rigorous identification of ESG-related risks and exposures informs our approach to monitoring and managing our portfolio. All of our private equity agreements mandate ESG considerations and we monitor and engage with investee partners on an ongoing basis.

We oversee our Fund-of-Funds investments via participation in Investor Advisory Committees and maintain an ongoing dialogue with General Partners to identify and monitor ESG risks and factors.

Supporting responsible investment principles

In addition to being a signatory to the UN supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), we are also members or signatories to the following responsible investment-related organisations and initiatives:

Our approach to responsible investment is closely aligned to the United Nations Global Compact, which supports a set of core principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environment and governance.