Diversified Credit

Conventional fixed-interest markets are highly liquid and relatively efficient. 

By contrast, non-vanilla debt markets – where our Credit team focuses the majority of its attention - can potentially offer return premiums that reflect the complexity of analysing and managing credit risk and lower liquidity.

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Targetting risk-adjusted value

Our approach combines rigorous bottom-up credit analysis with top-down macro elements and a strong focus on risk. This is well suited to our specialisation in lower liquidity credit, including special situations, structured and private debt, where we aim to extract risk-adjusted value.

We actively seek value and look for attractive market mispricing or illiquidity premiums. 

Deals are sourced in both primary and secondary markets and are screened to assess potential returns, risk factors and how they fit within the existing portfolio. All investments require formal credit approval. Portfolio positions are actively monitored at the macro and individual asset level.

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Strategy in Focus – Asia-Pacific Private Debt

The strategy aims to generate risk-adjusted returns for aligned institutional investors by privately lending to a diverse portfolio of entities across the Asia-Pacific region. It targets loans across mid-market corporate lending, asset-backed debt and real asset debt.

Key features include:

  • Diversification regionally, by maturity and by industry.

  • Portfolio average risk profile of sub-investment grade with minimal absolute interest rate risk.

  • Potential for relatively attractive risk-adjusted returns (versus comparable US and European mid-market debt).