IFM Investors Global Infrastructure 2018 Carbon Footprint

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In 2017, IFM Investors undertook its first carbon footprint assessment, drawing together existing data and information available across all assets in the IFM Investors Australian Infrastructure portfolio and the IFM Investors Global Infrastructure portfolio. We compiled and published this information for investors in a report titled, Climate Change: Our Shared Responsibility (2017).

The information was then updated in the IFM Investors Carbon Footprint Report 2018, which provided carbon footprint data for our global infrastructure assets as at 31 December 2017.

This report provides a further update of the carbon footprint of IFM Investors’ global infrastructure assets, as at 31 December 2018.

The IFM Global Infrastructure portfolio comprises a diversified portfolio of core infrastructure assets, including water services, ports, midstream / terminal assets, toll roads, airports and telecommunications. IFM Investors assumes a long term stewardship approach for the ownership of these essential assets and consideration of environmental, social and governance factors is embedded in asset management.

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Kyle Mangini

Kyle is responsible for implementing IFM’s infrastructure investment strategy and has ultimate investment responsibility for IFM's global infrastructure strategies.