Our Debt Investments approach

We maintain a tried and tested approach across the spectrum of debt investments, from highly liquid, short-term cash investments through to less liquid, longer-term debt and infrastructure.

All of our investment decisions integrate a responsible investment approach, and we maintain an iterative process throughout to ensure rigour.

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A tried and tested investment process

  • Source via primary/secondary markets

  • Preliminary risk and value assessment    

  • Maximum asset, sector and geography exposures    

  • Bottom-up credit analysis within a macro framework    

  • Identify and understand key responsible investment considerations    

  • Internal/External credit rating    

  • Assessment of investment risks and suitability for portfolio    

  • Written credit submission    

  • Internal/External credit rating    

  • Approval with a delegated authority framework    

  • Peer scrutiny of investment case    

  • Monitoring at the macro and asset level

  • Quarterly written reporting; annual investor meetings

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Integrating Responsible Investment considerations

Environmental, Social and Governance investment considerations are embedded in our investment processes and decision-making to protect and enhance the value of our investments over the long term. 

We seek to raise awareness of sustainability and responsible investment considerations within our networks of sponsors, advisors, banks and brokers in an effort to achieve improved outcomes over the long-term.

Our responsible investment approach is concentrated at the screening and due diligence phase of our investment process where we feel we have the most influence as debt investors. This means we are able to avoid investments that do not meet our ESG criteria. 

Our Debt Team is supported by a dedicated Sustainable Investment Team, which provides specialist advice and guidance throughout the investment process. 

Risk monitoring and valuation

Our credit portfolios are subject to continuous, integrated risk management led by our internal Risk Monitoring and Valuation team. Key areas of risk management include:

  • Portfolio risk monitoring – We maintain a critical view of portfolio-wide risks and rigorous portfolio compliance monitoring.

  • Asset-level management – Our team conducts continuous, hands-on asset monitoring, with both quantitative and qualitative reporting.

  • Valuations – We seek fair valuations through the cycle, based on an in-depth review of asset performance and market data, which are compliant with GAAP accounting requirements, and subject to scrutiny by our Debt Valuation Committee.

  • Value preservation – We take a proactive approach to situations of distress to represent investor interests.