Sebastian Domenech

Executive Director, Asset Management, Infrastructure


About Sebastian

Sebastian Domenech enjoys a challenge. At IFM, he coordinates a group of specialists to help protect and enhance the value of IFM’s portfolio companies. And personally, he’s set himself a goal of running 1000 kilometres (or more than 620 miles) this year.

When Sebastian joined IFM over five years ago, the possibility of working with a leading global fund manager in infrastructure investment was appealing as he saw an opportunity to grow his career in a field that especially resonated with him.

“Having grown up in Latin America, I’ve always been very aware of the importance of infrastructure investment in the development of healthy economies and inclusive societies. The provision of energy, water and transportation are central to increasing the productivity of economies and creating new sources of employment for all.

“Learning about, and contributing to, the development and management of infrastructure assets provides a very meaningful purpose for me – and even more so, when the value that we create goes to protecting and growing the retirement savings of millions of working people around the world,” he says.

Sebastian coordinates the Asset Management Specialists Team (AMST) in New York, as part of the Global AMST. The purpose of the team is to support the Infrastructure team by coordinating an active Asset Management agenda that promotes disciplined risk management and strong value creation.

Through his role, Sebastian works with an exceptional team of Infrastructure Investment professionals and enjoys gaining insights across infrastructure sectors, geographies and key trends shaping the industry.

Most notably, Sebastian took up the challenge of a secondment to Aleatica, becoming part of the senior management team there from 2018 through 2020.

Aleatica is a pure operator of transportation assets with a region-wide presence that covers Europe and key markets in Latin America and was acquired by IFM in 2018.

“Working with Aleatica provided me with a great opportunity to leverage my background and contribute to the successful transition of one of the largest assets in our Infrastructure portfolio,” he said.

Prior to IFM, Sebastian spent over 18 years working to improve operations and organisations in the energy and transportation space with focus in Latin America and US.

“IFM ‘s successful track record of growth and performance, as well as its genuine focus on delivering shared prosperity in a sustainable way, is a strong source of pride for me.

“The way we’ve managed the COVID-19 crisis, is something I’m extremely proud of. The Infrastructure team has made a tremendous effort to ensure an appropriate response by portfolio companies, which contributed to the highest standards of care for employees and customers, uninterrupted operations, and strong mitigation of financial impact, during one of the most severe global crises,” he said.

Outside of work, Sebastian spends lots of time outdoors. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and three children, aged 11, 10 and 7, which he says is “demanding and fun at the same time.”

“Watching them grow and gradually discover the world is just one of the most amazing things in life.

“Windsurfing and snow sports also feature on my list of activities, along with ferrying the kids around to their sports in the Fall and Spring, as many parents are accustomed to.

“As I age, I am becoming more focused on staying fit, and I have found running to be a great way to get there - my goal is to run 1000K, this year, and I’m tracking well,” he says.