Private Equity Investments

IFM Investors is an established and highly regarded private equity investor, investing in the asset class since 1998. 

Our approach is based on combining strong investor alignment and well-honed capabilities in the quest to deliver compelling relative and absolute returns.

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Our strategies

Our private equity investment activities are focused on two distinct and differentiated strategies.

Both strategies are flexible to take minority or majority interests with the aim of taking an active approach to support value creation, sustainable investing and other specific initiatives for the business.

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Capital for growth

We focus on providing capital directly to resilient companies with actionable growth plans based in Australia or New Zealand. By partnering with like-minded founders and management teams, we aim to accelerate and support growth and build capabilities for long-term success.

We seek companies with resilient business models and a clear growth agenda, where our capital and expertise can make a positive impact on the company and provide attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors.

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What makes us different

Owned by industry super funds; inspired by their members, we are one of the largest and oldest private markets managers in Australia. As a result, we have deep, long-established and extensive networks.

Our team of private equity specialists collectively have more than 100 years of combined investment experience.

Our activity is supported by our Executive and Value Creation Network, a collective of senior industry executives with sector and functional expertise who provide tangible strategic and operating insights, as well as access to their extensive networks. This network – alongside our investment team – are instrumental in the design and execution of the transformative value creation blueprint devised for each investment.


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Sustainable Investing

Integration to build talented, diverse, sustainable businesses

All data as at 31 March 2024

Focused and repeatable value creation

We apply a systematic approach to value creation, which aims to accelerate revenue, earnings and business growth for private equity investments.

  • Target objectives
  • Success measures
  • Value levers
  • Sequencing
  • Fast Start

  • Strategy

  • Talent & culture

  • Sustainability

  • Tracking

  • Impact

  • Acceleration

  • Collaboration

  • Portfolio review

  • Re-underwriting

  • Hold/sell decision

  • Exit planning

Sustainable investing

In early 2022, we achieved carbon neutrality across our private equity portfolio for FY21 emissions. Every company in our portfolio was fully certified as carbon neutral by Climate Active, in line with standards set by the Australian government. 

Cultivating purpose-driven cultures, promoting fair and inclusive workplace practices, and reducing our portfolio’s carbon footprint are key elements of our sustainable investing approach and integral to creating value for our investors and their members and beneficiaries.

2030 interim target on the road to Net Zero

We are targeting a 45% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030, from a 2020 baseline.

We are also supporting our portfolio companies across the value chain to work with suppliers, customers, channel partners and industry peers to reduce Scope 3 emissions and contribute to economy-wide decarbonisation.

“We are focused on building successful, sustainable companies with cultures that authentically engage teams, customers and other stakeholders.”

Stuart Wardman-Browne
Head of Private Equity