Our Infrastructure approach

How we manage our investments in infrastructure has been shaped by decades of experience.

We take a long-term approach and choose assets that typically have monopoly-like characteristics, strong market positions, a predictable regulatory environment, high barriers to entry, limited demand-elasticity and long lives.

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Unconstrained and opportunistic

The building blocks of our entry, exit and asset management strategy through the investment cycle are based on buying well, managing intensively and selling opportunistically.

Buy well Manage intensively Sell opportunistically
  • We are a long-term partner, aligned with government entities and other institutional stakeholders.
  • Our opportunities are sourced through 120+ dedicated specialists and senior advisors globally.
  • Our experience and existing portfolio acts as a platform for bolt-on acquisitions and capital reinvestment.
  • We maintain strong governance through active board representation.
  • Our specialist Asset Management team shares knowledge and global best practice.
  • We adopt a prudent and conservative approach to leverage.
  • Sustainablity and ESG principles are embedded in our investment decision-making and asset management approach.
  • We seek to act in the best interests of our investors to deliver superior long-term net returns.
  • Our open-ended structure allows for a deliberate and patient approach, without the constraint of buying and selling deadlines
  • We are able to dispose of assets where there is a strong investment case.


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A track record of operational excellence

We drive asset-level business plans and strategy through representation on boards and access to senior management. Our strong in-house expertise assists in implementing optimal financial structures and determining appropriate leverage levels.

We endeavor to add value to our infrastructure assets through earnings growth, led by strong operational performance.