Active - Small Caps

Our Australian Small Caps team manages a style-agnostic strategy that aims to capture value through focused, rigorous fundamental research to identify mispriced stocks in the universe.

The strategy seeks to apply a consistent, risk-controlled methodology to extract excess returns while maintaining low relative risk.


Deep company engagement

The portfolio does not take significant sector or macro positions, allowing stock selection to be the major driver of excess returns.

Our team places emphasis on deep company engagement, undertaking approximately 1,000 company meetings every year. This helps to garner a deep understanding of companies through personal interaction with corporate representatives, industry contacts, regulators, competitors, customers and suppliers, which complements the team’s thorough financial analysis.

We believe the Australian small cap market exhibits inefficiencies that create the potential for a well-resourced, experienced and diverse team with a dedicated dealer to extract value.

Jim Copland
Head of Small Caps