Fed Wrap – Hawkish hold suggests higher for longer


Ryan Weldon, from IFM’s Debt Investments Team in New York, features in our Fed Wrap Market Update videos discussing central bank themes in debt markets, with a particular focus on the US Federal Reserve.

In this edition, Ryan discusses the outcomes of the September US Federal Reserve meeting, the key points from the press conference and what to watch ahead of the next meeting.

At the September meeting, the US Federal Reserve held rates, maintaining the upper band of their policy rate at 5.5% with no dissenting votes. The statement was kept relatively unchanged, with the Fed underlining how solid economic growth has been and how resilient the jobs market remains even though it has begun to trend slightly softer. 

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Ryan Weldon

Ryan supports the dealing and portfolio management functions of IFM Investors’ cash and fixed income portfolios in the US. He also assists in the execution of foreign exchange and derivative overlay strategies for internal and external clients.

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