Volunteers lend a hand in Cambodia

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In October 2019, nine staff from IFM Investors headed to Cambodia to help build a new home for a rural Cambodian family living in poverty with inadequate shelter. Taking on some tough, manual labour, the volunteers worked alongside Volunteer Building Cambodia staff, the family and local community members to build a sturdy, Khmer-style house. The shelter and security offered by the house is intended to positively impact the family longer-term through improved living conditions, better sanitation, increased security and healthier living.

This is the third housing project the IFM Investors has collaborated on with Volunteer Building Cambodia - a locally run, community-driven NGO that helps poor Cambodian families improve their living conditions. Founded by local Khmer man, Sinn Meang in 2014, Volunteer Building Cambodia provides poor families in rural Siem Reap with housing, wells, water pumps and toilet facilities. In conjunction with local social workers, thorough assessments are performed to ensure those most in need receive houses.

IFM Investors contributes the cost of the house and provides community volunteer leave to enable staff to participate. IFM staff have also successfully fundraised and donated to enable additional, essential facilities for the houses, including toilet, water wells, water filters and solar power.

When asked why they wanted to take part in this unique opportunity IFM volunteers said:

  • "It's our responsibility to give back: it’s part of our social license."

  • "It's a privilege to have this opportunity to help a Cambodian family. It’s also great to spend time in a community, not just a hotel."

  • "This is an authentic experience and I want to participate in meaningful actions to make the world a better place."

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