Jill Rossouw

Executive Director, Infrastructure

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About Jill

It’s been a tremendous privilege to attend a leadership program to support my aspirations and connect with other Women in Leadership participants,” outlined Jill Rossouw.

Jill Rossouw is an Executive Director in Infrastructure and was selected as an IFM Women in Leadership (WIL) participant.  

As part of her program, Jill undertook the Australian Institute of Company Directors AICD Boardroom Mastery Course. The three-day course challenges participants to perform under pressure testing existing boardroom experience.

At IFM we believe supporting women to achieve their career aspirations is critical for achieving gender equality. The program design was a deliberate step away from typical women in leadership programs that assume all participants require the same development based on their gender. Our individual scholarship program enables participants to tailor their experience to meet their specific learning goals.  

“I was attracted to the course because it built on my previous board experience and offered a Boardroom simulation, working with peers, with the aim of effective decision making. Within a complex and uncertain scenario the group applied governance theory to drive outcomes and decisions with organisational psychologists providing real time insights.  

“It was an intense and rewarding program that I really valued being able to participate in,” said Jill.  

As part of the WIL program each participant is also matched with an Executive Sponsor either from the GST or Board. Jill’s aspirations saw us match her with IFM Board member Deborah Kiers.

“It has been a privilege to be Jill’s sponsor during her participation in the Women in Leadership Scholarship Program. I have come to appreciate even more deeply the breadth and depth of her contribution to IFM over 19 years.  

“Jill has many outstanding leadership qualities. She is authentic in her style, ever curious to learn, grow and develop, open to feedback and advice, and clearly deeply committed to IFM’s purpose and values. Being a sponsor has been a good reminder that sharing one’s own career challenges, pathways and lessons creates meaningful context for other women to share and reflect on their own experiences and aspirations,” outlined Deborah.

Jill noted that she really valued the sponsorship aspect of the program.  
“I have really appreciated Deborah’s support and endorsement, both broadly and also in navigating the project IFM is leading in investigating the opportunity for investment in social and affordable housing at scale.  

“Her insights have been invaluable and have really given me the knowledge and confidence to take that next step,” she noted.

Recently Jill was appointed as Chair of the Australian Government’s High Speed Rail Authority. The Authority is an independent body tasked with advising on, planning, developing, and overseeing the construction and operation of a high-speed rail network along Australia’s eastern seaboard.

“I am extremely excited to take on the role of Chair for this significant nation building project. My recent training and mentoring as part of the WIL program will really support me in this role,” outlined Jill.

Congratulations Jill on your achievements as both a Women in Leadership program participant and on your recent Chair appointment.  We look forward to hearing more.

Women in Leadership is our inaugural scholarship program designed for senior women identified as future executive leaders. The program aims to support women to achieve their career aspirations and build a diverse succession pipeline.  

The program will run every two years with the next group of scholars to be selected in 2024.