Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport (BNE) is the primary international airport for Queensland and the gateway to the city of Brisbane and South-East Queensland. It is the third-largest airport in Australia by passenger numbers.

The airport comprises of two parallel runways and two terminals: one international terminal and one domestic terminal.
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Sector Transportation
Asset type Airports
Major asset locations Australia
Initial IFM Investment June 1997
Head office location Brisbane, Australia
Ownership stake* 20.0%

*As at 31 Mar 2024

Asset priorities

The airport operates 24 hours a day, accommodating 23 airlines and servicing over 70 domestic and internal destinations. In 2022, over 17 million passengers travelled through the airport. 

Brisbane Airport seeks to connect Queensland and Australia to the rest of the world. The airport plays a critical role in Queensland's economy, helping employ thousands of people and fostering cultural and economic growth. 

Over 400 businesses are located on airport land, employing more than 24,000 people. In 2050, this number is expected to exceed ~60,000 and by 2040/41, ~$5.3 billion is expected to be contributed to the Queensland economy each year from airport operations and projects.^

The Brisbane Airport has a focus on four key stakeholders:

  • Community: what BNE does impacts its region – and vice versa. By focusing on balancing the benefits of the airport (connecting people and boosting the economy) with the challenges (the impact of growth on its neighbours), BNE earns its licence to grow. An open and honest relationship with the community is key.

  • Customers: without BNE’s customers it wouldn’t be where it is today. By creating and innovating with them in mind, BNE services can be better, safer, more sustainable and future focused.

  • Employees: their passion for building the future of BNE is the fuel in the engine.

  • Shareholders: BNE’s shareholders believe in BNE and want the business to succeed.

Brisbane Airport believes that by focusing and creating value for its community, customers and employees it naturally creates sustainable value for shareholders as well.

^ Data sourced from Forecasts are based on reasonable assumptions and are provided for informational purposes as of the date of this material. Such forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance and are not guaranteed to occur. Please see our Disclaimer for more information.