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Learning 3

Build the right team

People are central to our ability to drive value for our clients. From our own global team and pool of senior advisors to the teams who run the companies in which we’re invested, we look to cultivate a diversity of skills and experience.

It’s important that we have people with the right expertise to address the challenges and opportunities that arise across the diverse portfolio companies we manage. The first thing we do when we acquire an asset is consider whether the people currently managing the asset are the right people for the job, given the asset’s lifecycle stage and challenges. As necessary, we second or appoint people with the relevant experience and expertise.

Our own team of more than 120 executives underpins our capabilities globally, enabling us to have our own people on the ground in local markets where we manage investments and where we see attractive deal flow. We have one of the longest-serving teams in the market with diverse backgrounds across engineering, construction management, investment financing, mergers and acquisitions and sector-based operational experts.