Buy and Hold: the role of long-term private capital in your portfolio

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Private equity investing has largely been synonymous with the model of a 10-year fund. However, over the last few years general partners (GPs) have been raising longer-dated funds with fund lives of up to 20 years, representing a new chapter for private equity.

Under the traditional approach, the GP looks to implement a series of value-adding initiatives in quick succession before the fund life matures. Consequently, the average holding period of an asset for a private equity owner is between three and five years.

While the traditional private equity approach has been highly successful, there is a large set of businesses that do not conform to the traditional criteria, but nonetheless have attractive qualities and the ability to create value over the longer term. Specialist long-dated private equity strategies have formed to address this gap. These Long-Term Private Capital strategies are complementary to traditional private equity models and the benefits they offer may help investors fill specific niches in their alternative asset allocations.

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Jeremy Larkin

Jeremy joined IFM Investors in November 2019 and leads our Long Term Private Capital strategy. Prior to joining IFM Investors, Jeremy spent more than 25 years as a Managing Director at J.P. Morgan and Deutsche Bank and was one of Australia’s leading senior investment banking practitioners.

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