Lucie Mixeras

Investment Director, Debt Investments


About Lucie

Lucie Mixeras was looking to try something new after spending eight years working in the infrastructure sector in an investment bank. IFM provided an opportunity to develop her career with a responsible long-term investor.

“During the interview process, it was clear that I would have an opportunity to contribute to meaningful work and develop my career,” said Lucie.

“Since joining,  I’ve shadowed leaders in fundraising meetings and learned more about the merits of infrastructure debt and portfolio management for our institutional investor clients. I’ve also been part of discussions with clients and have continued to build my own trusted relationships over time. I have led the deployment of our clients’ money in projects across various sectors like southern Europe renewables and waste treatment solutions in the UK,” explains Lucie.

Through these interactions, Lucie is also deepening her skills and knowledge in relation to ESG and has been invited to speak at conferences on the role that private credit providers can play in helping companies integrate ESG and sustainability.

Focus on ESG themes amongst the investor community has grown exponentially over the past few years and is a key element of IFM’s debt investment process.

Lucie Mixeras

“I’ve been given amazing challenges and I love that it’s up to me to deliver and develop my career,” she continues.

Lucie has been an active participant in IFM’s internal mentoring program as a fantastic way to develop relationships and learn from others.

“It has been refreshing to have the opportunity to discuss career development with a mentor and receive advice from someone in a different part of the business, with the ability to take a step back,” Lucie explains.

Originally from France and now based in London, Lucie graduated from EDHEC – a business school based in Lille specialising in business and management studies. She also speaks Spanish fluently.

The idea of meaningful work with long-term investors, along with the flexibility offered at IFM was an attractive prospect for Lucie. “The purpose of IFM is to protect and grow the long term retirement savings of working people. With a growing ageing population, the way we manage retirement savings is critical. IFM are specialists in long-term investments; we know the market, and we’re responsible investors.”

Lucie has also been able to balance work and family time thanks to IFM’s flexible work policies. 18 months after joining IFM in April 2019, Lucie took parental leave to care for her second child and used that valuable time to travel with her young family through Europe and spend time at home in North London.