Australian and Global Indexed Equities

IFM Investors’ Indexed Equities team has delivered consistent, reliable enhanced-index performance since 1996. As one of Australia’s largest equity managers, we partner with our clients and apply our disciplined investment approach to achieve reliable long-term returns. We aim to provide an efficiently traded portfolio that exploits targeted investment opportunities, has low relative risk and is cost effective. Our experienced team is constantly seeking opportunities to add incremental value. We play an active role in influencing the ESG policies of many of the stocks in which we invest.


What sets IFM Investors apart?

  • Dedicated
    Our well-resourced investment team is experienced in managing and monitoring customised client solutions for equities portfolios.
  • Longevity
    We are a long-term, trusted partner for leading institutional equity investors with a 20 year track record of outperformance.
  • Consistent
    We employ a reliable, disciplined investment process with tailored enhancements.
  • Partnership
    We partner with and understand the needs of large, sophisticated investors.