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IFM GIF now substantial shareholder in Atlas Arteria

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IFM Investors confirms the IFM Global Infrastructure Fund (IFM GIF) and its associates have secured a combined relevant interest and economic interest of 14.96% percent in Atlas Arteria (ALX), making it a substantial shareholder in the company.

IFM GIF regularly invests in companies that align with its investment priorities and have the potential to deliver returns to its investors and beneficiaries, which include millions of superannuation and pension fund members in Australia and globally.

IFM GIF has made no formal control proposal to the ALX Board and intends to initially request from ALX access to certain limited company information, before deciding whether to submit a non- binding indicative proposal to ALX to acquire all the ALX securities it does not already own.

There is no certainty of progressing to a binding proposal.

As a substantial shareholder, IFM GIF looks forward to engaging collaboratively with the Board and executives in the interests of all stakeholders.

Quotes attributable to IFM Global Head of Infrastructure, Kyle Mangini:

“We have substantial experience investing in toll roads globally and we’re attracted to Atlas Arteria’s high-quality assets across France, Germany and the United States.”

“We see this as a great investment and one where returns that are generated can help boost the retirement savings of millions of superannuation and pension fund members, such as nurses, teachers, construction workers and hospitality staff.”



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IFM Global Infrastructure Fund

IFM Investors is owned by Australian industry superannuation funds and is the principal advisor for the IFM Global Infrastructure Fund (IFM GIF). IFM GIF is open to institutional investors only and is an independently managed open-ended global infrastructure investment fund with A$66 billion in assets under management (as at 31 March 2022). IFM GIF’s investors include a diverse range of pension funds and institutional investors across Australia, the United States, Canada, Asia, the United Kingdom and Europe.

IFM GIF has a 17-year track record investing in assets around the world with 21 current portfolio investments spanning airports, seaports and toll roads, as well as energy, water and telecommunication assets. IFM GIF is a leading investor in toll roads with ~A$14 billion of equity invested and whose assets support over 370 million trips across the United States, key markets in Latin America, the United Kingdom and Europe each year.

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