Australian Infrastructure FY 2019 Carbon Footprint Summary

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IFM Investors’ FY 2019 Australian Infrastructure Carbon Footprint Summary reports a 7.9% reduction in emissions across the portfolio. These results reflect the progress of an ongoing carbon reduction and energy efficiency program across the portfolio.

Individual emissions reduction targets set by assets in the program will see annual emissions across the portfolio reduced by more than 200,000 tonnes CO2 equivalent by 2030 - equivalent to removing 70,000 cars from the road - and prevent millions of tonnes of carbon entering the environment over the life of these assets. Read more about the carbon reduction program, assets involved and targets set.

Annual carbon footprint measurement is an integral element of IFM Investors’ approach to managing climate risk across our infrastructure portfolio to protect and grow investment value and returns over the long term.

Understanding our risks informs the actions we take to transition assets to a low-carbon economy. We seek to drive this transition in ways that generate value for our investors and their members, local economies and communities, and the environment. Our actions focus on limiting our impact, reducing our risk and harnessing opportunities in an evolving landscape.

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Kyle Mangini

Kyle is responsible for implementing IFM’s infrastructure investment strategy and has ultimate investment responsibility for IFM's global infrastructure strategies.