Driving out emissions: Decarbonisation of the transport sector

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As the transport sector accounts for over one-fifth of global carbon emissions, attention needs to be paid to this sector and to how public transport, airports, toll roads and seaports can reduce their carbon footprint.

Decarbonising these assets requires an understanding of current and emerging technologies and their trade-offs. Most of all, decarbonisation requires cross-sector collaboration.

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Vivien Cheung

Vivien is responsible for the origination, analysis, structure and execution of fund investments, along with the ongoing management of portfolio assets. Vivien is a board member of Adelaide Airport.

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Aaron McGovern

Aaron is responsible for the origination of infrastructure investments and ongoing management of assets. Aaron has worked on transactions in the Americas, Europe and Australia in the transport, energy and utilities sectors. Aaron is currently a board member of Aleatica and Impala Terminals.

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